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Kraj: Wszystkie

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[Chiny]7-hour boiled boar bristle

To kill insets and germs, our boar bristles are boiled at over 100 degree hot water for at least 7 hours by three times. After being boiled for such a long time, boar bristle has more good appearances than synthetic filament, it has the features of rigidity, elasticity, heat-resistance, and luster, which synthetic filaments hardly have. Our web, you can visit and leave your offer request to us. We manufacturer all kinds of boiled bristles at cheap price, we hope you`ll be interested and would[...]


[Chiny]bristle hair filament

With its good features of rigidity, elasticity, hear-resistance and luster, pig hair bristles are very nice materials for most brushes and combs than synthectic filaments do. We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of China bristles(44mm---152mm), including white boiled bristle, black boiled bristle, grey boiled bristle, bleached boiled bristle, and dyed boiled bristle in all sizes. We process four series original pig bristles Hankow, Chungking, Shanghai, and Tsingtao. You can visit[...]


[Polska]Poidło smoczkowe dla prosiąt

Typ: PS - 1 symbol: 001.00 Poidło smoczkowe dla prosiąt przyłącze: 1/2" materiał: mosiądz - chromowany[...]


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