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[Chiny]non-dairy creamer

Manufacturer: Shandong Tianmei Biotechnology Co,LTD Origin: Shandong General description: The product is a white creamer with full cream flavor, it is a free flowing powder (a few lumps that break-up slight pressure are permissible) and designed for tea beverages and solid beverages. It is an instantly soluble creamer excellent whitening properties. Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, vegetable oil, milk solids, stabilizers, emulsifiers, anticaking agents Typical data: Parameter: min% [...]



Characteristics 1. Possessing instant solube characteristics with good effect. Unadulterated taste, good thickening and emulsification effects. 2. Anti-crystallization. Add in candies and half-soft sweets, it can prevent sweets from appearing sand and extend the shelf life. 3. Debasing and eliminating the smell of mutton, stability the alimentation elements, keeping the character and flavor and increasing the quality. Accession quantity:15%-20% 4. High harmonious ability and a foil to the smell[...]


[Chiny]high maltose powder

High Maltose Powder is a maltose monohydrate, a carbohydrate sweetener and bulking agent. High Maltose possesses fine anti-crystallization since it contains Maltodextrin so it is widely used in food industry. It can prevent cane sugar crystallizing and separating out in making jam and jelly so that the storage life is extended. High Maltose possesses fine fermentability so it is widely used in bread, cakes and beer making. Starch aging of cakes can be postponed. High Maltose can replace starch syrup[...]



The product, derived from refined cornstarch, is a new type of sugar source through introduced Japan enzyme technology and advanced process. It is an advanced substitute for sugar. It possesses multiplicative stimulatives of bilfidobacillus, which can promote salutary fungus to flourish in intestinum , Bilfidobacillus are main salutary germs that can restrain pernicious germs substances from producing, avoid constipation, increase immunization ability and reduce blood fat and cholesterol, etc. It’s[...]


[Izrael]Soy Milk powder

SPECIAL PRODUCTS FOR GOVERNMENTS AND INSTITUTIONS. SOY MILK POWDER Detailed Product Description Soy Milk - Top Quality Product Highly Enriched Powder to prepare Milk, and Milky Juices with soy base Description Powder preparation, added with vitamins and minerals to be used to elaborate Milk, Milky Juices and drinks which base is soy protein, which is indicated for people who have intolerance for animal milk, because lactose intolerance or those who want to adopt a healthy[...]



Cinnamonitrile 1885-38-7 ASSAY(CHROMATOGRAPHY):≥96.0%; DESCRIPTION:COLORLESS/LIGHT YELLOW LIQUID; ROTATION RATIO(20℃):1.599-1.604; SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.013-1.030; ACIDITY:≤0.5%; Conforms to FCCIV and passed KOSHER Certificate. Please feel free to contact me[...]


[Chiny]Sell Purple Corn Color

Cyanidin-3'-glucoside and other Cyanidin pigment are the main parts of the Purple Corn Color.We can see red to purple red liquid to pulverescent solid with our naked eyes. It is easily water-soluble or 1,2-dihydroxypropane-soluble or enthanol-soluble or acetocopal-soluble,etc. It is oil-insoluble. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from Maiz morado or Maiz kullby ,etc purple corn which are from Peru or other places by modern biotechnology.Widely used in candy, beverage,cold drink,gum,milk[...]


[Bułgaria]We are manufacturer of bread improvers.

Spring company is a leader in the production of bread improvers. The company products are successfully sold in many countries around the world. Established in 1997, it has been owned by a sole proprietor. The head office is located in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The production line consists of qualitative products patented with the respective trade marks. This means effective and fast orientation and ultimately, taking the right decision by the clients. We offer the whole range of complex services[...]


[Chiny]Pure natural pesticide free ginseng extract

Ginseng Extract( Free-Pesticide) Improve memory and enhance immune system;anti-fatigue and anti-aging Ginseng Extract is extracted from Panax Ginseng C.A.Mey by ethanol and water. Part used: Root, leaf & stem Benefit: 1. Improve memory of healthy middle-aged people; 2. Boost the immune system; 3. Treat diabetes; 4. Treat erectile dysfunction; 5. Helpful for Cancer Patients receiving Chemotherapy, and reduce the risk of cancer. Specification: 10% Total ginsenosides by HPLC[...]


[Chiny]98% Trans-resveratrol giant knotweed extract

Giant Knotweed Extract Powerful natural anti-oxidant and cancer inhibitor, anti-inflammatory Giant Knotweed Extract is extracted from Polygonum Cuspidatum Sieb by ethanol and water. Part used: Rhizome Benefit: 1. Natural anti-oxidant to eliminate free radicals and, anti-aging; 2. Anti-atherosclerosis; 3. Treat coronary heart disease, ischemic heart disease and Hyperlipidemia. Specification: 50% - 98% Trans-resveratrol by HPLC[...]


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