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Natamycin (Pimaricin) is an antimycotic product which have broad and effective action. It not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeasts, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. Commercial Natamycin contains 50% of the active substance. Small quantities of Natamycin can inhibit all moulds and yeasts, which cause food spoilage. Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent in the natural maturing process of yoghurt , cheese , fresh Ham, sausage, ect.[...]


[Chiny]sell beta-carotene

Taproot thickened, elongate terete or clavate, fleshy, reddish, reddish-yellow, or yellow. The root is widely used as a vegetable (carrot) Widely cultivated in China of cultivated origin; cultivated worldwide. content: [30% ] detection method: HPLC packaging : cardboard drums, with double aseptic food poly bags inside. Or by cartons, with vacual aseptic food poly bags inside, 20kgs per carton with 8 bags inside,2.5kg per bag. cecily[...]


[Chiny]sell sweetberry powder

About sweetberry powder, we have produced three kinds, 4:1 10:1 and 20:1. This product is purple-red powder. And We can also offer other ratio according to the requirement of client. The product derived from DaXingAnLing. DaXingAnLing is the only place where the natural environment remains undestroyed in China. This is why we can get thousands of wild plant materials, absolutely natural. More than 90% of our products are exported to Japan and Europe. Active ingredient: scale extract content: [4:1[...]


[Chiny]Corn starch

We are the biggest deep processing enterprise of maize of China, and supplying you annually with corn starch 1.3 million mts, corn gluten feed 170000mts, liquid glucose 150000mts, corn gluten meal 100000mts, corn germ cake 70000mts, oral glucose 50000mts, refined corn oil 40000mts, oxidized starch 20000 mts, acetyl oxidized starch 20000mts, cationic starch 10000mts, inositol 1300mts. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you interest in our products. corn starch The specifications: Protein:[...]


[Filipiny]Coconut Milk

Manufacturer of th eOrganic and non-organic coconut milk and coconut cream. Packing isd available in tin cans or in bulk (aseptic)[...]


[Chiny]cocoa powder

natrual cocoa powder 10-12% natrual cocoa powder 7-9%[...]


[Chiny]edible soybean fiber

high water absorbing, NONGMO,200 mesh[...]


[Chiny]isolated soybean protein

90% protein (dry basis), for meat product, NONGMO, hi-gelling[...]


[Chiny]Textured soybean protein

NONGMO, 50% protein(dry basis) content[...]


[Tajlandia]Non Dairy Creamer

We are manufacturing and exporting non dairy creamer with 33%, 35% and 50 % fat. It is free flowing power and designed for coffee, tea,cookies, bread, cake,doughnut, bakery or mix as milk powder. It is instantly soluble creamer with excellent whitening properties.[...]


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