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[Chiny]Self Adhere Warning Tape

You can choose the size and color as your request[...]


[Chiny]Solar Aluminum Road Studs

DETAILS: 1. Casing Material: Aluminum alloy shell, solar panel (2. 4V, 0. 3W) Ni-Mh rechargeable battery (1. 2V), 6pcs super bright LED 2 transparent plastic shells, 1 circuit board. 2. Specification: 110*100*25mm N. W.: 350g/pcs 3. Light intensity: 8000mcd 4. Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White LED 5. Charging Time: 3hours in sunny day, 6hours in cloudy day and 8hours in rainy day 6. Operating Time: 12hours/night, 7days successively after the battery is fully charged 7. Operating[...]


[Chiny]Directional Display Panel

Utilized for trailer or roof mounted applications To provide warning & directional information. Display pandls exceeds the requirements of part 6E-7 of the Federal Highway Administrations Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices[...]


[Chiny]Ultra Bright Led Hand-Winding Charge Radio Flashlight

1-Stramline body design, Novel, Beautiful, Comfortable Hand feel, Useful, Essential goods for family life and traveling 2-Adopts mechanical device to generate electricity with precise onstruction and high working efficiency, Battery-less, Green environmental protection 3-Adopt three extra-bright LED lights as light source, nature and smooth, durable for more than then thousand hours, high efficiency and power saving 4-Blink and siren functions, As the best helpful tool when meeting emergent situation[...]


[Chiny]Tri-Led Emergency Light (Car)

1-Head light: 3pcs of white φ5 LED, brightness>6000mcd 2-Side light: 6pcs red φ3 LED, flash warning, frequency 9-11Hz 3-Alarm: 85db emergency signal 4-Point steel hammer: Break vehicle glass white urgent or necessary. 5-Sharp knife: Cut off safety belt, ect...While urgent or necessary 6-Magnets built in the cap: Able to be place onto iron objects by magnetic force. 7-Hand cord: Easy to carry 8-Water resistant design: Suitable for use in bad weather 9-Human engineering design: Feel comfortable[...]



We are manufacturer of warning triangle with E-mark approval. Very competitive price and good quality. Should you need further information, please feel free to contact us. ECP CHINA CO LTD SHANGHAI OFFICE[...]


[Chiny]glass beads for reflective

Technical references 1.Appearance:transparent sphere,clean and round,without obvious bubble or impurity 2.Specific gravity:2.3-2.5g/cm 3.Refractive index:(20% method of dipping) 1.5-1.55 4.Roundness:product of No.1>70%,others>80% 5.Component:SiO2>62% 6.Waterproof Capability:To neutralize 100ml water,the 0.01M hydrochloric acid demanded is not more than 10ml[...]


[Chiny]glass beads

We are a specialized fillers company which is engaged specially in processing, developing and selling serial products, Our main products are resin, brand highways glistening glass bead, high reflectivity micro glass bead, coated bead, glass bead for mechanical, blasting, cleaning, polishing, grinding and filling as well. Our products are approved by Standard of Chinese Traffic Ministry with an application certificate JT-T446-2001. As requested, we can produce according to international standard[...]


[Chiny]glass beads for road marking

We are a professional manufacture for glass beads in china,such as glass beads for road marking, sandblasting, grinding, coating and so on. Spec: JT/T 446-2001 No.1 2 3 BS6088 A/B AASHTO M 247 type 1 and type 2 EN 1423 and EN 1424 KSL 2521 No.1 and 2 AS/NZS 2009:2002 CNS JISR 3301 Australian Standard A,B,C,D (according to your requirement)[...]


[Chiny]glass beads

Spec: JT/T 446-2001 No.1 2 3 BS6088 A/B AASHTO M 247 type 1 and type 2 EN 1423 and EN 1424 KSL 2521 No.1 and 2 AS/NZS 2009:2002 CNS JISR 3301 Australian Standard A,B,C,D (according to your requirement)[...]


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