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[Hiszpania]Power Painting Micropigmentation Machine

Power Painting is an electric machine created to achieve painless micropigment insertion, permanent (artistic) and semi-permanent (esthetic) tattooing, restoration of breast areolas, disguise imperfections, vitiligo, scars and burns; that can apply up to 20.000 rotations per minute. In addition to a current adaptor plug, this machine has a battery that provides 20 hours of freedom from electrical current outlets. This feature allows for more even pigment insertion and directly affects the client's[...]


[Hiszpania]Perfect Line Micropigmentation Machine

Perfect Line is perfect for those who already have some experience performing micropigmentation services and who want a dependable machine with attractive features and a nearly painless pigment insertion technique. The micropigmentation pen employs a special precision rotary pump design that operates with speed, making applications practically painless. Perfect Line is presented in an attractive metallic carrying case good for stowing not only the pen and CPU console but also the pedal, disposable[...]


[Chiny]Car cushion (SHM-107)

1. It is controlled by Microcomputer. There are four kinetic massage heads on back position and two high-frequency and vibrant massage motors. 2. It can release waistpain and backpain, improve bones and muscles circulations andstrengthen human body. 3. It can be used any place,e.g.car, home and office. 4. It is very slight, small and easy to taken. 5. It can massage any point you choose and has different massage methods. 6. Not only massage intensity but also rate has three kinds adjustable[...]


[Chiny]Sell - quartz crystal singing bowl

The singing bowl is a kind of music instrument can be used for treatment, which helps practitioner to clarify the mind in order to achieve a state of deep meditation. All the crystal bowls are made of high purity quartz crystal, they naturally contain the ability to energize, clear and enhance the energy in any environment, making them incredibly resonant. Hold the bowl up in one hand, tone the bowl by striking it firmly yet gently with the mallet, raise the level of vibration by moving the[...]


[Chiny]We offer fine quality professional use micro rings.

For the micro ring,we have 3 size there: 4.5 x 3.0 x 3.0 mm,4.5 is diameter of outside,and 3.0 is inner diameter,3.0 is length; 4.0 x 2.7 x 2.7 mm,4.0 is diameter of outside,and 2.7 is inner diameter,2.7 is length; 3.5 x 2.0 x 2.5 mm ,3.5 is diameter of outside,and 2.0 is inner diameter,2.5 is length; popular size is 4.0mm package: 1000pcs/package;[...]


[Chiny]We supply high quality hair extension and toupee clips.

we have 3 size clips. S size: 25mm; M size: 30mm; L size: 35mm; minimum order,500pcsof each size/color; color available: black,dark brown,middle brown,light brown,beige,silver color. these clips use for clips on extension,men`s toupee,wigs,etc...they are top quality there.[...]


[Chiny]We offer high quality hair extension connector & iron.

for the hair extension iron and hair connector,we have UK plug,also have USA plug,you can choice according to your market. all our hair extension kits are all good quality. the clamp head cover teflon so keep them clean.[...]


[Chiny]Sell ultrasonic cavitation multipolar RF slimming machine from China manufacturer

Cavitation is a new technology without damage to the health and the body. You can remove cellulite easily under the treatment of cavitation. This ultracavitation equipment has ultracavitation hand piece and multipolar RF hand pieces which can reach great cellulite reduction treatment. After the treatment, no need to take long time to recover, no side effects and no pain. Features: Big LCD touchscreen Ultra Powerful 50w/cm2 intensity. Cavitation Maximun output 30W. Multipolar radio frequency[...]


[Chiny]sell portable massage table

MT003A portable Metal massage table Dimension: L185cm*W66cm*H67~79cm Folded: L92.5cm*H66cm*H14cm Carton: L96cm*W71cm*H17cm G.W.: 20 kgs Max Dynamic Heavy Loading: 220 kgs Foam: 4cm/4+1cm Leather: PVC or PU Features: designed with backrest, side armrest and adjustable hanged armrest, headrest. one 20' GP: 250 pcs 40' GP: 510 pcs 40' HQ: 562 pcs[...]


[Chiny]Sell Portable Wooden Massage Table

WT003A portable wooden massage table Dimension: L190cm*70cm*H66~85cm Folded: L95cm*W70cm*H17cm Weight: 17 kgs Legs: German Beech Wood, well-lacquered foam: 5cm high density foam (23 grade) Leather: PV or PU Max Heavy Loading (Static): 800 kgs Max Heavy Loading (Dynamic): 220 kgs Certificate: CE, SGS, 6P test, AZO and so on available Packing: one carton per piece, 5-layer strong corrugated carton. One table supplied with carry bag. bubble foam needed. 20' GP: 200 pcs 40' GP: 410 pcs 40'HQ: 440 pcs[...]


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