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[Chiny]oval neck track bolts

Size: Size: 7/8*5", 1*5", 1*6", 1*5 1/2", 1-1/8*6" Head type: oval neck, diamond neck, button-head oval-neck track Material: medium carbon steel, 35#, 45#, Q235 Heat treated per ASTM specification A-325[...]


[Chiny]track spike/Boat spikes

Dog spikes / Track spikes GB, AREMA or ASTM, BS, UIC 5/8*6",9/16*5-1/2",3/8"*3 -1/2,1/2*3-1/2,14×14×150, 16×16×165, Normal and high strength Carbon steel and stainless steel Black, Zinc Plated, Hot dipped Galvanized.[...]


[Chiny]115RE joint bar

The bolt hole are either drilled or punched Cast and rolled fishplate UIC54, UIC60 GB50,S49,115lbs,136lbs AREA..... These are used to join two rails together of same or different section. Also used when welded joint becomes defective or fractured. Our range includes: • Plain Fishplates • Joggled Fishplates • Angle Fishplates • Combination Fishplates[...]


[Chiny]5/8*6 track spikes

Track spikes Standard: GB, AREMA or ASTM, BS, UIC Specification: 5/8*6",9/16*5-1/2",3/8"*3 -1/2,1/2*3-1/2,14×14×150, 16×16×165, Grade: Normal and high strength Materials: Carbon steel and stainless steel.[...]


[Chiny]Ss25 screw spikes

Screw spikes ss5, ss8, ss25, ss36 and other specifications 65,000 Psi (high strength 100,000 psi available) Meets ASTM A-66 specifications, TB436-77, GB10487-89, AREMA66-87, BS, UIC Hot forged and hot thread rolled screw spike Material: GB700-88 steel, Q 235 Applied on railway lines equipment with wooden sleeper, turn-outs and switches.[...]


[Chiny]Sleeper screws

Suzhou Suyu supplies a wide range of sleeper screws for use either in wood or concrete sleepers. They can be supplied either with square or rectangular heads. Product Specification: Finishes: Self colour,Galvanised,Zinc-plated, Black. We produce Ss Sleeper screws as below: Ss5 Sleeper screw, dia. 24mm, length are 130mm, 140mm,150mm,160 mm or required by clients. Mechanical properties refer to ISO898-1class 4, 6, 5, 6, 8.8, or UIC864-1 class 4.6, 5.6. Ss8 Sleeper screw, dia.24mm, length[...]


[Chiny]Hs clips bolts

Specification: Hs26 M22x55/65/90 Material: Q235 Grade: 4.6 Weight:0.450kg/0.475kg/0.549kg Finish: zinc-plated, H.D.G., Dacromet. Package: Double-layer woven bags+free fumigation wooden pallets. 50pcs/bag, 40bags/pallet, 28 pallets/container. Specification: Hs32 M22x55/65/90 Material: Q235 Grade: 4.6 Weight:0.469kg/0.503kg/0.577kg Finish: zinc-plated, H.D.G., Dacromet. Package: Double-layer woven bags+free fumigation wooden pallets. 50pcs/bag, 40bags/pallet, 28 pallets/container. Other[...]


[Chiny]Track bolts with button head, oval/diamond neck

Material: Steel 45# Grade: 8.8, SAE J429-5 Specification: Dia. M20, M22, M24 or 1/2'' to 1-1/8'' without length required by customers. Surface: plain, black, zinc plated, H.D.G. Dacromet.[...]


[Chiny]T bolts

Diameter: M16 - M30, 7/16" - 1-1/2",the length does not limit. Material:Q235,35#,45#,40Mn2,20MnSi,35CrMo,42CrMo Grade : 4.6/5.6/8.8/10.9/12.9 Finish : Plain,Black,zinc plated, H.D.G.,Dacromet,etc. Suyu offers a wide range of products, track bolts and fastening systems for wood, concrete or steel sleepers. Elastic clips: e1609, e1809, e1817, e2001, e2006, e2009, E2039, e2055, e2056... Pandrol clips: PR401, PR309... SKL clips: SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL15..... Sleeper screws:[...]


[Chiny]Track spikes/Dog-eared spikes

Standard: AREMA or ASTM, BS or according to drawings Specification: 14x14x150, 16x16x165,5/8''x6,3/8''x3'',3/8''x3-1/2'' Grade:4.8/5.6/8.8 Materials: Carbon steel Finish: Black, Zinc Plated, Hot-dip Galvanizing.[...]


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