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[China]Granite sculpture

Handmade granite sculpture processing by skilled master, we supply with our design or with your measurement[...]


[China]Water Power items

Water Power items(NP-WC)/water powered items/water energy items/promotional gifts/water battery items Hi--Tech product 1.A state-of -the art creation from science and engineering. 2.Water and other electrolytic liquids are used to generate electricty, no need of foreign power. 3.A Green Product 4.Derives energy from nature. and pollution free 6.Environmental friendly. A kind of extraordinary product. 7.More than just a time piece*simple ans yet intriguing 8.A[...]


[Poland]Oferujemy kule ceramiczne - lampiony i zwierzaki

Ceramiczne, ręcznie toczone, zdobione kule. Fi 20 cm i Fi 40 cm. Mrozoodporne.[...]


[Poland]Oferujemy garnek Ceramiczny Szkliwiony o poj. 0.5 l - 50.0 l

Garnek ceramiczny jest szkliwiony szkliwem naturalnym - ekologicznym (bez dodatków chemicznych). Tworzony ręcznie. Wypalany w temperaturze 1250 stopni Celcjusza.[...]


[China]Decorative papainting

decorative papainting. modern and abstract style.[...]


[China]wall decorative painting

wall decorative painting with bright colour, unique design[...]


[China]rug pad

For those who plan on placing their rug on a stone, tiles, wooden, or other hard surfaces, a rug pad is a must, no exceptions. The rug is not simply laid on top of the concrete or wood that is already in place. When it comes down to it, the rug pad that is used is just as important as what you see on the surface. If the correct rug pad is used, you will recognize this in a number of different ways. uwin houseware company specialized in producing rug pad,we have engaged on this field for many[...]


[China]Garden Table Mat

Garden Table Mat Quality table mat makes your room more elegance. Our garden table mat made of PVC foam,soft,anti-slip, can used for garden table, custom table a variety of color and patterns are available, with the lace Trimming, bring your fashionable style. Garden Table Mat Model No:V511 Weightness:220G/SQM Color: Beige Finish size: 110*140cm 130*160cm 135 Round 130*180cm 160*210cm[...]


[Poland]Świece LED T-light w kształcie czerwonego serca

Szczegółowe informacje o produkcie: Nowość na Polskim rynku. Idealne na Walentynki zarówno jako prezent lub jako element wystroju. Żywotność Świeczki 40 godzin na 1 baterii. Opakowanie zawiera świeczkę w kształcie serca oraz 1 Baterie CR2032. Świeczki LED można zakupić na sztuki lub w pudełkach po 10 sztuk. Włącznik/wyłącznik ON/OFF na spodzie świecy. Kolor diody: Czerwony LED. Nasza firma jest dystrybutorem świec smart CANDLE. W naszej bogatej ofercie znajdą[...]


[China]Wine rack

nice for decoration and place wine[...]