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[Chiny]sanitary napkins

Our sanitary napkins use the advanced technology of special Anion core which create a healthy, comfortable and clean physical environment. Anion has the extraordinary bactericidal capacity. Normally speaking, the more anion in the air, the fewer bacteria survives. If the density of anion reaches a full amount the bacterium tends to zero. The accompany oxygen dissociation changes the anaerobic environment completely, promotes the conversion of enzyme, balances potential of hydrogen which may promote[...]


[Chiny]Sell armani, burberry, dior, fendi scarf

Welcome to shoetobag co.,ltd.., We can provide variety styles of high quality fashion products such as gucci andbags,chanel, chloe handbags, coach purses, prada handbags, fendi bags and jewelry,clothing,coat,hoody, air jordan shoes,air force one,puma,dunk,kobe,dunk,bape shoes etc. The shipping method will be DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, SODEXI, TNT // about 3-7 days to reach your door. Online tracking is available for you, fast and safe. For more information, welcome to our website.[...]


[Chiny]Pashmina Shawl

New Pashmina shawls available material: acrylic pashmina, soft feeling size: 70cm x 180cm +10cm x2 various colors available, free samples available, BUT courier freight at buyer's cost pls contact us today for more details.[...]


[Chiny]anion sanitary napkin

We are professional supplier & exporter for Personal Care Products in China, normally with OEM. Our products are manufactured under the highest technologies standards and using selected raw material to provide a better use. We offer a variety of panty liner: Range from 140mm to180mm Structure of sanitary napkin: Cover: Non woven cloth, perforated film or anti-bacterial cloth Cotton core: Tissue paper, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer Fixing material: Hot-melt adhesive Back sheet:[...]


[Chiny]duvetcover, pillowcover, flat sheet, fitted sheet

bedding products made by many kinds of fabric with dyeing or printing[...]


[Polska]Obrusy bieżniki serwetki

Co roku nowe kolekcje świąteczne,oraz całoroczne ,dla zainteresowanych firm handlowych są do wglądu po uprzednim kontakcie e-mailowym lub telefonicznym. Zapraszamy![...]


[Chiny]hospital underpad

Nursing pad, disposal medical care pad, medical pad, underpad, adult pad, multi purpose pad: Size: 150*220cm, 100-180g/PC 60*120cm, 90g-150/PC 80*96cm, 80-130g/PC 60*90cm, 70g-120/PC 60*80cm, 60-100g/PC 60*60cm, 50-90g/PC 60*45cm, 45-80g/PC 30*60cm, 45-80g/PC 30*40cm, 20-40g/PC Structure: Cover: Non-woven anti-bacterial cloth Cotton core: Tissue paper, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer Fixing material: Hot-melt adhesive Back sheet: PE film breathing film.[...]


[Chiny]spun polyester sewing thread

Ring spun Polyester Sewing Thread Finished by the unique lubricating technique innovated by the company, it is featured by perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, few knots, good rotting proof, low water shrinkage, good fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight, perspiration and light. It is applicable for high-speed sewing. Main Specifications: 20s/2, 30s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2, 80s/2, 20s/3, 40s/3, 50s/3, 60s/3, 80s/3, etc. Polyester Two-for-one Sewing Thread Processed by world top textile[...]


[Chiny]embroidery thread

Rayon Embroidery Thread Featured by good fastness, it is applicable for high-speed embroidery and generally used for ornamental embroidery on dresses, silk, handbags, etc. Main Specifications: 75D/2, 120D/2, 150D/2, 300D/2, etc. Polyester Filament Embroidery Thread It is made of trilobal polyester filaments by the special processes. Compared with Rayon Embroidery Thread, it has unparalleled advantages such as high glossy effect, high tenacity and good abrasion resistance. It is applicable for[...]


[Chiny]sewing threads

Polyester Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Thread Produced by unique spinning machinery and processes, it is featured by striation evenness of filament and natural hairiness of staple fiber, strength of which is 15%-20% higher than spun polyester sewing thread of equal size. It is preferred thread for top grade garments. Main specifications: 12s/2, 15s/2, 17s/2, 20/2, 29s/2, 35s/2, 45s/2, 59s/2, 12s/3, 15s/3, 16s/3, 29s/3, etc. Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Thread Owning the same appearance as cotton,[...]


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