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[Chiny]Drinking Water, Multifunction household Ozone purifier treatment

1.Model:FD-3000II 2.Power Supply:AC 240V 50Hz 3.Rated power :≤15W 4.Ozone output: ≥400 mg/hr 5.Airflow Rate: 2.5-3 LPM 6.LED display: 1-30 min timer 7.Product weight: 1250g 8.Product dimensions:260 x 170 x 80mm Feature: 1.Better result for washing fish,meat and food with longer fresh-keeping time 2.Cleans vegetable and fruit,eliminates residue pesticide and toxic and chemical substances 3.Cleans stocked rice,romoves rice bran and cancer-inducing substances and aspergillus [...]


[Chiny]toast bag

Quick and hassle-free Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Detailed Description · Here is a hassle free way to make toasted sandwiches in your toaster · can also be used to cook sandwiches, pizza, pasties, baked beans, burgers, fish fingers,bacon, omelettes, oven chips, even salmon fillets · re-useable · dishwasher safe · quick, clean and convenient[...]


[Chiny]Chopping Board with Two Tone Colors, Made of Bamboo

Natural bamboo finish resists cuts and scratches Bamboo construction is durable and provides appropriate contact with knife edge Smooth surface With two tone colors With groove and hanging hole[...]


[Chiny]Paddle Cutting Board with Cheese Knife Set

Ocacia wood cutting board in paddle style Stainless steel blade cheese knife with rosewood handle[...]


[Chiny]3 pcs porcelain coffee set with fine quality

3 pcs porcelain coffee set with fine quality[...]


[Tajwan]In-depth PP Filter Cartridge

In-depth PP Filter Cartridge The in-depth PP filter is a multi-leveled comprehensive filter, It is made by the manufacturing technology we developed. It is kind of Melt-Blown three leveled PP impurity filter, produced by three different diameters of nozzles. The product is structured with three different fibers, the inside is thin fiber and the outside is with thick fiber. In order to filtrate liquid impurities and reach the best filter efficiency. It could increase the filter impurity capacity,[...]


[Turcja]Unique BBQ Charcoal made from Olive Pit !

Dear Business Friends, We are Manufacturer and Exporter of following UNIQUE Charcoal made from Olive Pit. 1. Easy and Long time burning 2. Does not flare up even oil drops on 3. No smoke so you can even barbecue in the room, very low ash 4. High burning calorie 5. 1 Kg Charcoal is enough to cook 4 to 5 kg meat 6. There is a hole in the middle of coal so both inner and outer sides of meats cook well 7. Enviroment Friendly I look forward to receive your reply to cooperate. Thanks[...]


[Chiny]6pcs stainless high pot

Founded in 1996, ChaoFa stainless products Co.,Ltd is located in the biggest stainless tableware and cookware production place-Chaoan County of Guangdong Province, which is a modernized enterprise with strong technical strength, excellent workmanship and well-organized inspection facilities. We are specialized in manufacturing saucepot, flying pan, milk pot, pasta pot, buckets, steamer pot, varies kinds kettle(modern and classical) and so on. We specialize in the design and production of a wide[...]


[Indie]Landmark Water Ionizer

Four Levels of Alkaline Water. Two Levels of Acidic Water. Filtered Water (Non Ionized) by Silver Implicated Activated Carbon Filter. Stainless Steel output Spout. Unique Post-Operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended life span. Easy One minute filter change compartment inbuilt. 3/5 Electrodes made up of Platinum dioxide coated with Platinum.[...]


[Indie]AWS Membrane

Best Membranes Now In India AWS 75 GPD,Works upto 4500 TDS,Life Upto 2 years made in Burlington USA, Call-9824224119 For Inquiries[...]


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